Our Services

NedControl is customer oriented and quality focused with sound decision making, strategic planning, risk management, root cause finding and effective problem solving, business process improvement, and strong analytical abilities.

Project management & Consultancy

Excellent program and people management skills, building effective highly technical teams with collaboration across organizational and geographical boundaries.

Lump sum engineering

In-depth knowledge of the market and expertise information technologies applied to automation especially in offshore oil and gas market.

Reimbursable engineering

Highly focused on achieving results, both in economic/financial and in technical, organizational and management terms, with the ultimate goal of reaching cost, time and customer satisfaction targets.


  • web based communication technologies
  • operations management
  • program management
  • project management
  • execution strategies
  • project execution plans
  • project execution plans
  • project planning
  • contract negotiations
  • proposal management
  • risks management
  • team motivation
  • team work
  • project execution plans

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